Caroline Buckner

Founder and President

Caroline graduated from Roswell High School in 2016 and is currently a senior Music Therapy major at Georgia College & State University. She founded Concert for a Cause as her Girl Scout Gold Award and has been proud of the organization’s growth every year since. Her primary instrument is percussion and she is also proficient in piano and guitar. Caroline has also been a member of the Music Therapy Society at GC&SU for three years.


Cassi Buckner

Business Administrator

Cassi is a former professional Stage Manager.  She and her husband, Scott, live in Roswell, where she can be found working part time, rooting for the Roswell High School Marching Band, and volunteering in the Media Centers at Roswell High School and Crabapple Middle School.  She enjoys gardening, reading and hanging out with the family dogs. CFAC has holds a special place in her heart and she is proud to be a part of its growth.


Bess McIntire


Bess graduated from Landmark Christian School in May 2016 is currently a Junior Music Therapy Student at Georgia College & State University. Through her studies and musical training, Bess is being classically trained in Voice, and has become proficient in both piano and guitar. Along with Concert for a Cause, Bess is a member of Music Therapy Society and a volunteer at The Fayette Thrift Shop. In her free time, Bess enjoys spending time with her family and friends. This year Bess was honored to serve as Concert for a Cause’s Secretary, and as thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other board members.


Jacqueline Sertell

Publicity and Promotions Manager

Jacqueline graduated from Harris County High School in May 2016 and she is currently a junior Music Therapy Major at Georgia College & State University. Her primary instrument is percussion but she is also gaining proficiency in piano, guitar, and voice. Along with CFAC, Jacqueline has also been a member of the Music Therapy Society at GC&SU for 3 years. This is her first year serving Concert for a Cause and she is so excited about how much she is learning and the experience she is gaining.